Australian Lead Identification Consortium

Canthera Discovery is a founding member of the Australian Lead Identification Consortium (ALIDC).

ALIDC was established to provide all Australian drug discovery organisations with open access to a purpose-built screening library of 300,000+ compounds. The Australian Drug Discovery Library (ADDL) is a collection of carefully curated chemistry that is designed to cover the diversity of drug-like chemistry space, and provide tractable starting points for medicinal chemistry optimisation to Australian researchers.

ALIDC is a collaborative consortium that includes Canthera Discovery,  UniQuest Pty Limited (UniQuest), WEHI, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research (CCI) and Griffith University (GU). Each ALIDC member organisation has a strong commitment to small molecule drug discovery and along with MTPConnect and Therapeutic Innovation Australia has contributed funds and resources to build and run this essential infrastructure and make it available to the wider Australian drug discovery community.

For more information about ALIDC and accessing the Australian Drug Discovery Library, please click on the link below.