Propose a Project

We are always interested in receiving new and innovative cancer drug discovery proposals and invite researchers to submit new project ideas. Drug discovery projects are run and managed by Canthera Discovery in close collaboration with you, the project champion.

If you would like to propose a new drug discovery project to us based on your ground-breaking research, please request a new project proposal form and initiate discussions by contacting us at 

Drug discovery project proposals – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member of the Canthera Discovery consortium to submit a project proposal and work with Canthera Discovery?

No, we welcome and invite drug discovery proposals from any research organisation, nationally or internationally.

Are there particular application rounds or due dates?

No, expressions of interest and project proposals can be submitted at any time.

Is my proposal confidential?

All proposals are held in strict confidence, with formal confidentially agreements established as required.

My proposed drug target is not cancer-related, are you still interested?

We are an oncology-focused drug discovery organisation and new project proposals will require a clear connection to cancer to move forward.

What information is needed for a project proposal?

Canthera Discovery will assist researches with formulating a project proposal as necessary. Key information required is around the biological rationale for the proposed target and what is the potential medical opportunity and clinical relevance for drugs against the target.